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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add credit/money to my account?

We accept a variety of payment methods including payment via Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin, etc.

What is myBrik#?

It is the crazy looking URL you see on your profile just below your photo. You can share it with ANYONE else and once they click on it, video chat will start! Just like that. The person clicking on the link will not even have to sign-in or sign-up at letsBrik. Magical, isn't it? :)

Why does only work with some browsers? is built using a new web standard which is currently only supported in newer versions of Chrome and Opera Browsers. supports the two latest versions of these browsers, so if it doesn't work, try updating your browser. We are hopeful that more browsers will add letsBrik support soon!

How secure are my conversations on

All video chats on letsBrik are peer-to-peer and fully encrypted. Not a single bit of information passes through letsBrik servers. We try our best to keep all conversation secure and private so that you can use letsBrik even using public Wifi.

I can hear my voice echoing

Echo is created by sound coming out of your speakers and then picked up by your microphone. The usual solution is to plug a set of headphones in your computer rather than using speakers.

What if I want to talk to you about an issue?

Please contact us at, and we'll try to get back to you soon.

Any comments? Email us at