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Cheap International Calls by letsBrik

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Make highest quality cheap international calls to your loved ones - straight from your web browser. letsBrik is world's first entirely web browser based communication platform. No software, plug-in or app download is needed to use letsBrik.


Android App


You can now also download letsBrik Android app to make cheap international calls. Simply go to from your Android phone and you will see a link to download the app.

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Android 5.0 or above needed.

letsBrik for Android Android App letsBrik Android App


letsBrik is truly multi-platform


Android 5.0 and above
Entirely browser based. No apps or plug-ins are needed.
Android 5.0 and above



Anywhere, Anytime.

With letsBrik, making cheap international calls is as easy as opening a web browser. Simply sign in to your letsBrik account, go to the dialer and start making phone calls to your loved ones. All you need is a web browser on your desktop or smartphone and internet connection. No App downloads or plug-ins are needed. There are absolutely no hidden fees, monthly commitments or expiry dates.

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Global & Local

letsBrik's real-time communication platform is powered by geographically distributed points of presence that minimize latency and data packet loss for users across the world.

Our industry leading payment platform accepts payment in more than 30 currencies so that you no longer have to pay conversion or international transaction fees when using your local credit card.


Do I need to download letsBrik app to make cheap international calls?

No, you do not need to download any app. letsBrik is a web browser based platform. Just open the website from a modern web browser such as Chrome, log into your account at letsBrik, add credit and start making cheap international calls.

How is letsBrik different from other VOIP services such as Skype?

letsBrik is different from other VOIP providers in three ways: 1. letsBrik is world’s first VOIP provider that is entirely web browser based. It is a revolutionary new communication platform that is built using emerging and proprietary web technologies. Other VOIP providers such as Skype can only function through a downloaded app. With letsBrik, all you need is a web browser. No app downloads are needed. 2. letsBrik has a direct relationship with more than 1000 mobile carriers worldwide and can offer unparalleled voice quality at dirt cheap rates. Most other VOIP companies use "grey" routes or intermediaries to send voice traffic to the final destination which results in poor voice quality. 3. letsBrik keeps its pricing simple. Unlike Skype, there are no hidden costs such as connection fees, monthly commitments or credit expiry dates.

How can I add credit to my letsBrik account?

We accept payments via credit/debit card, Paypal and Bitcoin. All transactions are fully encrypted and 100% secure. We also offer full refund policy. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with our services, we will refund your money back to your account. It usually takes 3-5 business days for the refund to process.

How else can I make cheap international calls?

You can make cheap international calls using following methods: 1. Your regular phone service provider. You can use your existing mobile service plan to make international calls. Keep in mind that most service providers charge hefty rates for international calls. Make sure you check the rates before you attempt to call your loved ones abroad. 2. You can use international calling cards. International calling cards offer low calling rates. The quality, unfortunately, is often compromised. Most international calling card companies offer little to no customer service. Plus, false and misleading advertising is very common. If you have used international calling cards before, you already know that you rarely get the full advertised minutes. If you do decide to go this route, make sure you watch out for fradulent resellers and high hidden costs. 3. You can use internet based VOIP providers such as letsBrik, Rebtel, Vonage, etc. Here is a great unbiased guide on how to make cheap international calls.

Do you offer any PIN based international calling cards?

We do not offer traditional international calling cards. We believe the costs involved in producing, distributing and advertising such cards is very high and can easily be transferred to the benefit of the customers in form of lower calling rates. We also believe that most people today have access to internet via a standard web browser and can therefore use our service.

Can I reverse phone lookup using letsBrik?

If you are receiving calls or text messages from someone and looking to find who owns the phone, you can use Zlookup to reverse phone lookup for completely freel

Can I see a full record of all my prior international calls?

Yes, you can see a complete list of your prior phone calls. Log into your account, go to dialpad and click on call history icon. You can see which phone numbers you called, how long each call lasted and your total cost for each call. You can also see a similar record of your SMS.

Is there a minimum monthly charge for the international calling service?

There are no monthly minimum charges. Once you add money to your account, you can keep that money for as long as you want. We will only take money out of your account once you make calls. For example, if you recharge today and only make one call in the next 12 months, we will only charge you for that single call. Your remaining balance will stay in your account and will never expire. Fantastic isn't it?