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Business VOIP Phone By letsBrik

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Are you looking for a web based VOIP phone for your business? Are you tired of using Skype for your business calls and are looking for an alternative? Look no further. By switching to letsBrik, you can not only reduce your phone bill by upto 40%, you also get 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. What are you waiting for? Switch to letsBrik now!

VOIP for business has never been better.

User Management

letsBrik offers an intuitive admin panel where you can easily and quickly add company employees, allocate funds to each employee and track each employee’s usage history. Setting up a business account has never been easier.

Easy Payments

You can add funds to your account via PayPal, credit cards, bitcoin or wire transfer. We do require all companies to be verified manually before you make your first payment. The process is simple and only takes 24 hours.

Save Money

By switching to letsBrik for your business VOIP and international calling needs, you can save up to 40% compared to what you might currently spend using Skype or other business VOIP services.